Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Momentous Occasion

There's so much pressure going into this post: I think that's why it's taking me so long to write. It's the first one, the introduction, the Grand Opening of my Next Big Thing. In other words, it's gotta be good...

If you want to talk about pressure, I'm really no stranger to it. Let me introduce you to this envelope.

This is a pretty regular envelope containing a sheet of ordinary, albeit fairly fancy, paper. If you recognise it, then you too took the Leaving Cert at some point, perhaps recently. You alone understand the blood, sweat, tears and tantrums that went in to the past two years (and that was just your parents).

For me, that lead-up has extended for about four years, when I made the decision for various reasons that I would study Literature and History in England, where I lived until I was twelve. After looking at universities, this meant I had a firm goal. When I got my offer from UCAS from one of my favourite choices in November, I was over the moon... but the pressure was really on! I have to say that I really didn't enjoy Sixth Year, the year leading up to the big exams, and by the time I finished them I doubted I'd even get near the conditions of my offer.

Fast forward to the 13th August 2014, and I was clutching this envelope in my hand. Tears were running down my mum's shoulder as I buried my head in her soft cardigan and familiar smell, just like so many other times.

I had done it.

These were tears of happiness, relief, and to be perfectly honest, amazement. I'd far exceeded the grades I'd been hoping for, and my dream of several years had finally come true.

It's been a week since then and now everything is really starting to sink in. The next few weeks are going to be full of sewing, packing, washing, organising and, sadly, an awful lot of goodbye-for-now-ing.

The other reason this occasion is so momentous is that I'm starting this brand-new blog to tell you all about this crazy new ride I'm about to become a part of. It's going to be a bit more personal, more "about me" than my old blog (here if you've not seen it), and hopefully a bit more organised too with tabs at the top so you can find all your favourite posts: personal ones, recipes, crafts, reviews and anything else you or I might enjoy. You can also check out the "My Secret Diary" tab where I intend to write all about what I get up to each week. Friends and family: enjoy that! In addition, I'm hoping to make it look more professional and include more pictures for you to flick through.

So come and join me as I embark on my brand new adventure, both in cyberspace and in life. For all the trepidation and organisation, I'm so excited to be moving on with my life and delighted that you'll be joining me.

See you soon!

Catherine Ann x

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