Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Kind of Writer

Starting on several new projects, moving to a new country and becoming a real-live “adult” has put a lot of pressure on me to decide what sort of person I am, or want to be.

For now I’d like to talk about that in terms of writing, because thankfully in most aspects of life, I’m fairly comfortable with who I am—I know that’s rare and am rather grateful for it!

What do I want this blog to be? I’ve got several ideas of what I want to do—diary entries, opinion pieces, crafts and recipes, the odd video, even… but I spent a long time trying to decide how I want to write it.

For inspiration and advice, I looked to my favourite blogs, those I would consider to be “professional”, and those I thought I wanted to be like.

That was when I caught myself. What was I doing? Never in my life have I wanted to be like other people, or put any kind of effort into it. Why start now, when I could be doing my own thing as usual?

People have enjoyed a lot of my blog posts, and they were all written in a very specific voice: my voice.

I realised I don’t have to categorise my blog, which was a huge problem from the start. I’m not a lifestyle blogger, though I blog about my life. I’m not a journalist, though I mention current events. I’m certainly not a fashion or beauty blogger—as most girls my age tend to be—and I couldn’t handle the pressure of having an “advice” blog. Yet these are all things I want to include in my and your online experience: I don’t want to limit myself or become exclusive, but I want to  enjoy and learn about all these different topics and themes.

So I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop overthinking and do what I do best: write. It might be about my day or week or month, it might be about products or books I enjoy, it might be my musings on various topics, both important and mundane. I’ve realised that as long  as I write it in my voice, and write it as well as I can, with a little characteristic humour and lightness at times, then it needn’t follow any rules… just as long as it matters to me.

I realised this was OK when I read a quote by John B. Keane (who Leaving Cert students still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about):

I am a kind of writer. Nobody knows what kind of 

writer I am, least of all myself. My ambition is that 

people will say, some time: "He was a kind of 

writer. He said things a different way from others."

I think that’s rather a nice ambition to have. 

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