Friday, 19 September 2014

Dear Diary: The Final Week

This is a new series I’ll be writing with updates about my life for those of you who know me, or are just nosy so-and-sos. Get ready for stories of my misadventures at University. You’ll be able to find all posts of this variety under the “Secret Diary” tab. Enjoy! Xxx

It’s my last week in Ireland before I head off on my journey to the UK. I’m going home, really, having spent almost exactly twice as long in the UK as I have lived over here. I’m very curious—and a bit nervous—to see whether I still fit in, or if I’ve become so immersed in Irish culture that the place I once called home is now alien to me. I’m feeling a bit like a nomad to be honest… which many of you who’ve lived in more than two different places will probably scoff at, but there it is.

I’ve spent most of this week saying goodbye to all my friends as they leave for college, whether it be a few kilometres or an entire ocean away. It doesn’t feel much like goodbye, as we’ll all see each other again at Christmas, but I think when it begins to sink in I’ll be rather sad. There have been so many problems and so much sadness for me here, but it’s also a place where I’ve made some of the best friends I could wish for. Leaving them behind will be pretty hard.

Mostly though, life is an exciting mess of organised chaos right now. Letters and emails to and from my University, various student finance companies, banks… all kinds of scary grown-up stuff that I feel in no way up to dealing with, as well as trying to fit all my worldly possessions into one-and-a-half suitcases, is taking up a huge amount of time which would be better spent lying in the sun with my cat Draco.

A family birthday last night was a great way to chat with relatives and promise to see them when I’m home at Christmas—isn’t it always the way that you never visit those on your doorstep, but when you live in a different country you make twice the effort to keep in touch?

I saw my surgeon for hopefully the last time ever the other day. It was such a wonderful feeling and I’ll be writing a “scoliosis update” on my old blog very soon.

Meanwhile, my online persona goes from strength to strength and I am forever grateful for the support. I’ve now done two YouTube videos and at this moment in time have ten subscribers on my channel. That may seem minuscule, but to a nervous girl just starting out and rambling about books and “lairy fights”, it’s huge. It puts me in mind of when I got the first ten views on “Unlucky for Some”, and look how far I’ve come since then! There have also been some messages to the Catherine Ann Minnock Facebook page as well as some tweets and compliments in person. Not that we should measure our self-worth by how cool we are on the internet, but GO ME!

I finally got at least some form of a book list from my University, so I bought the books on Amazon and have begun reading with gusto. One piece was awfully stuffy and challenging, which made me a bit scared—will everyone else at Uni be a genius and will I feel like an idiot?—but the three novels I have to read: by Charlotte Brontë, D. H. Lawrence and Oscar Wilde, don’t seem too complicated. I’ve even read one of them before. I’ll keep you posted on how I enjoy all of that.
There seems so much to do in so little time. My main worry right now is that I’ll forget to visit a certain friend or relative before I leave the country and they’ll take it personally. If you’re reading this, please don’t! I love you very much but I’ve only got three full days left…and I need a haircut!

I’m scheduling posts in advance at the moment, in anticipation of a busy few weeks ahead, so by the time you read this I’ll probably be settled in to my new home and writing my next blog post about my first week at University.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I’m also currently doing the “100 Happy Days” challenge on Instagram, so if you want more instantaneous updates on my life, feel free to follow catherineannmk. I’d definitely give the challenge a go: it’s really given me a more positive outlook.

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