Thursday, 4 September 2014

Pictures, Poems and Postcards: Zine Fair Haul!

As I mentioned previously, I went to the Dublin Zine Fair the other week with my best friend... and came back with a lot more than we sold! The fair wasn't exclusive to zines: there was a place for everything homemade. Everything featured here cost between £3 and absoolutely nothing.

This tiny artbook featured a collection of pictures from an exhibition by Andrea Byrne.
Here's some of what was inside...

I'm always picking up business cards and there were loads here. The cards of artists are always the most beautiful--it's where they show off what they can do--and, who knows, I might need one of them to illustrate a book for me someday. 

"The Daily Doomed" was another freebie, a little tiny zine made from one glossy A4 page.
Look at the wonderful pun inside:

This is a poetry zine I was given and have yet to read. I'm looking forward to finding a quiet spot and a mug of tea to enjoy it with. They were actually on sale but the stall-holder gave me one for free at the end--what a lovely guy! We decided to give him one of our zines too. You'll find a lot of zinesters are willing to trade, which really is half the fun. 

These two postcards really caught my eye, the pictures are beautiful and whimsical, and the black and cream colour will look so well on display somewhere. Two things I love are a cup of tea and an empty cinema with someone special. 

These pictures were so detailed and beautiful, the animals seemed to stare right across at us. I assumed they had been etched then printed, but was amazed to find they had been intricately drawn with a pencil. The inly drawback is that these pictures are on two sides of the same page, so you can only display one at a time! At least I'll never get bored of it. They were on sale for 20c each as they were photocopies, but I put down a few more coins because I couldn't believe how much attention to detail had gone in. 

This tiny booklet came from a project about what it means to be a hero: why should we reward those who die in battle but not those who keep things ticking over at home? It means everyone should be rewarded no matter how big or small their act of bravery is. The zine contains two cut-out medals which you can reward yourself for "taking the bins out" etc. It was incredibly cute, but also a clever idea.  

My friend bought me this postcard, because she knows I can't blooming stand pigeons! Yuck... (but of course the card is fabulous) 

This card was made ("with love 'n' scare") by our neighbouring zinester, Venus De Vilo. Each was original and the feathers and ribbon added a great 3D effect.  
Beautiful inside to write a message to a friend! 

I even picked up this tasty Brazilian treat. Did someone say chocolate? 

This was my haul from the Dublin Zine Fair. I hope it's encouraged you to hunt for your own crafty bargains or even make something yourself! 

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