Sunday, 14 September 2014

Why You Shouldn't Mess With Scolio-Girls

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A few weeks ago I was saddened to hear that actress Madison De La Garza (Jaunita Solis in Desperate Housewives, and as I now learn, sister to singer and actress Demi Lovato) fell victim to bullying due to her scoliosis.

As a fellow sufferer of both scoliosis and bullying, I felt her pain… although as she’s a successful famous actress who was fiercely protected not only by her sister, but by members of the public who used the Twitter hashtag #feelbettermaddie, I’m sure she’ll overcome it very soon. Feel better, Maddie!

It made me so angry to think that we still—and probably always will—live in a world where children are bullied because of something that they can’t help… not only that, but something that causes them intense pain already. It’s just ridiculous.

However, I was able to put this in a positive light in my own mind when I thought about all the reasons you shouldn’t mess with us Scolio-girls (and guys!).

1)      We’ve been through so much pain, both day-to-day and often due to surgeries, that nothing you can do will bring us down.

2)      We’re so hard-core, there’s actually metal inside some of us.

3)      We know people. People with a very specific set of skills… skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like you. (Surgeons, that is).

4)      We’ve got some serious backbone.

5)      We’re curvy and we own it. Anyone who says otherwise is jealous.

6)      We know that being different only makes you amazing.

7)      We’re seriously into hard drugs. Once we clicked our morphine pump when our pain level was only five.

8)      If you have had to wear paper knickers and/or a catheter, you have no shame… so making fun of us really is futile.

9)      Having scoliosis in no way inhibits our ability to smack you right in the jaw and wear your eyeballs as a unique new pair of earrings.

10)   Both Richard III and Princess Eugenie had scoliosis. That’s right: we’re royalty.

Here’s how my spine looks now, after my most recent op. To quote Penny from the Big Bang Theory, “the acceptable responses when you see it are 'awesome' or nothing.” 

Tell me, honestly... Do I look fat in these X-rays? 

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