Friday, 18 March 2016

My Writing

If you've enjoyed my blog, here are examples of my writing elsewhere on the web:

When I lived in Ireland, I wrote for two popular Irish teen websites, and Foróige. My writing as a 16-17 year old can be found here:


Creative ways to make money

How to balance your studies with leisure

Making the most of a three-month long summer

On dealing with exam stress one step at a time


On what needs to be done about bullying among young people

Upon moving to Norwich, I began writing for Concrete, UEA's student newspaper. I then became Features editor for the academic year 2015-16. Here's some of my work for UEA:

Concrete Online:

On who should get a say in SU elections (1st year)

On whether TV is to blame for childhood obesity (1st year)

On whether "I was drunk" is a reason or an excuse (1st year)

An interview with Plane Stupid campaigner, Ella Gilbert (2nd year)

On the importance of zines and print culture (2nd year)

On how well our union represents us (2nd year)

On how to bear witness to the holocaust (2nd year)

In my first year, I also wrote an article for UEA's History student chronicle.

History Student Chronicle PDF (I'm on page 7)

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