Monday, 17 October 2016

A Year in Norwich: A Week in the Life (UEA) II

Monday, 17th October 

I give myself a lie-in, half by accident and half because when I notice how late it is I just accept that this is a thing that needs to happen in my life. I get up about 11.30, make some coffee and start on my to-do list for the day - this while still in my pyjamas. My "personal admin" includes sending a picture of damage to my wall from before I moved in to my letting agent, filling in a slightly late council tax certificate, and filling details of work and meetings into my handwritten diary, which seems the only way I can keep track. I also email my dissertation supervisor to explain I've been ill for the past couple of weeks and to arrange a meeting. We are expected to meet with them 5 times before the April deadline, I suspect I'll meet mine slightly more as she's very helpful and I'm very stressy. Jess, Libby and I discuss options for energy bills which we are finally getting sorted. When my admin's done I get the bus to uni and print some reading out along with my tax certificate.

On the way to the library, I run into my friend Eliott. It's Asexual Awareness week so he's running a stall. I buy a cake to show support - but I end up accidentally buying two cakes because there are two stalls and I purchase a brownie at the wrong one first. These things happen. Although when I spot the guys from the first stall trying to sell their cakes in the library I regret my purchase - this simply isn't on in my book. I also elect to "give a squashie to my squish" as part of the campaign which is when you give a squashie sweet to your platonic crush. Obviously, mine goes to Eliott. After I've done my printing the library is pretty crowded so I sit in the "Hive" and read some of my medieval literature for a gender and sexuality module. At some point a handsome French man asks me for directions but sadly the conversation progresses any further. At 3pm I'm joined by Sophie and Hugo from my Egg Box publishing committee and two members of Octarine, a magazine at UEA. We plan deadlines, ideas and format for our new project, "Prompt", which will result in a zine made by both of our societies. It's a successful meeting and we realise they know lots about print which we'll find really useful.

I get the bus home with Sophie and we chat about more ideas. We started a publishing society last year and in September, we rebranded as Egg Box, and took over the running of the UEA-based publishing press of the same name. Egg Box was run by lecturers and publishes the annual Creative Writing anthologies, but this year it's going to be run by us. Er, me. My co-president who oversaw the anthologies last year has resigned and the other night I realised that basically I am now president of a real-live printing press as well as a society. Feeling slightly like a grenade has been left in my lap. I express this to Sophie on the bus and she reassures me a lot.

When I get home I go to my room and do some dissertation research for a couple of hours, which means I can colour in two circles on the "dissertation reading wall chart" I've made, because I am that person. At 6pm I Skype my brother and sister-in-law, Rhodri and Julie, in California. It's the first time I've Skyped them since they moved last year and we talk up until I have to go for dinner. Libby and Sam have made bolognese  (meat and vegetarian respectively... Sam is a "fair weather vegetarian") and we eat it together with Abi. I don't mean we eat Abi. I mean Abi is also there. After dinner I actually wash some things up and we play a new game we're obsessed with called "Quip Lash" in Abi's room. Sam goes to do some reading and I say I'm going to but end up watching Friends.

I write today's blog post on Abi's bed with Libby constantly asking me if I've finished writing and potentially go upstairs to read, but there is also talk of watching The Holiday.

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