Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Year in Norwich: A Week in the Life (UEA)

A breakdown of a week in the life of a student in Norwich. Might be of interest to you if you're planning on going to Uni, are looking at UEA, are moving to Norwich or are my parents and want to make sure I'm eating properly. 

Sunday, 16th October 

I oversleep immensely so the morning begins in a panic. Yesterday, I worked 9.30am-4.30pm doing training for a new job on campus, and then worked 6pm-1.30am in the pub where I bartend, so this probably explains why I was deaf to the 7.45am alarm this morning. I have the training again for the same time today, but when I do wake up it's a couple of minutes after nine. I  decide forking out for a taxi is my only option, especially considering Sunday buses (I've been stung before), so I call for one while I'm pulling on my jeans with one hand and somehow, miraculously, I arrive on campus at 9.27am. The taxi driver does not chat. I have not showered.

Training is more interactive than the previous day- it's for a telephone campaign to raise funds from alumni, which appears to be a more ethical, less soul-destroying version of what I've done before, with shorter shifts and better pay. We do role-plays and a quiz so it's easier to stay awake than yesterday when I found myself flagging around the 2.30pm mark. It's in the council chambers for the most part, in a ridiculously warm room with ridiculously comfy chairs, and I worry that my eyes will slide shut as they are wont to do and Kelly, the lovely lady running the session, will think I am bored of her. However, lunch is provided and this is done in style with a very nice buffet which includes all the usual suspects plus some plastic pots of fruit salad. I put one in my handbag.

We get off a little early, at about 3.30, and I bus home after figuring out there is a knack to not getting trapped in the Arts building on a Sunday. When I arrive, my old housemate Jay is visiting Abi (housemate of two years and counting), so a few of us have a cup of tea together. Jay goes home, Abi leaves for work and I have lots of food in so I make my oven-baked version of a ratatouille. Libby (housemate) gets back from campus and we have the ratatouille with some cous cous. At some point Jess (housemate) gets back from work and goes to lie down as she still appears to have the plague we thought had finally left the house. Sam (housemate) returns from wherever he has been with Alex (friend) in tow, and we drink more tea. I inform Alex he will have to go to a committee meeting to represent our course (Literature and History) as my new work hours mean I won't be able to make it.

I shower away the sticky beer and regret of the past 48 hours' work and get into my pyjamas while the others watch a documentary together. I then answer some emails, forward some info to various people who've asked for it, and catch up via Facebook chat with my sister-in-law Julie in California and my schoolfriend Rebekah in Spain. I begin the draft of this blog post, and watch some YouTube videos from my laptop. I decide The Apprentice on iPlayer is too much effort and to watch it another time when I'm less tired, so I switch on Gossip Girl instead as I tidy up my room. I'm on season 4 and still can't decide whether I like it.   

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